91259495003d1665fb49a2a5848c2da81cc970d4-thumbDescription: Brother against brother and families split asunder was a common theme for those who lived in Virginia and what would one day become West Virginia during the American Civil War. Spirited, liberal-minded Sharra Montgomery and Chandler Ashton, a dashing southern gentleman, met during these tumultuous times. Can their love survive the heated battles surrounding them that threaten to split them, the state and the country apart?

From Lisa (TJ) Hapney:

The first draft of A Lack of Civility was written over 20 years ago just outside the present day capitol of Charleston, West Virginia so I decided to use it as a test run for e-publishing. I now write mostly science fiction, but as a native of the state I have always been fascinated by the history of the area and wanted to share some of that story with others. As a young girl I worked as a volunteer at the old Independence Hall in Wheeling, the first capitol of the state and was immersed in the fantastic stories of how statehood was gained.

West Virginia was founded in 1861 during the American Civil War when it seceded from the Confederate state of Virginia. The people of the region’s political views were severely split and there were those with loyalties on both sides. Thus, the saying brother against brother as used in relation to the Civil War was especially accurate for this region of the country that was formally adopted into the Union in 1863 and became one of the border states during the war.

Although, the new state of West Virginia was officially admitted to the Union in 1863 after meeting a provision by Abraham Lincoln requiring that the new state’s constitution include provisions for the gradual end of slavery, the battle over whether West Virginia was legally a state continued until 1871 when the United States Supreme Court at last decided in the state’s favor after which the question never arose again.

The mountainous terrain and sweeping river valleys of this region bred a proud people with a strength of community unlike any I have seen elsewhere. It is my hope that the flavor of the region and the beliefs of its people come through in this story.

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