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I love books. I write them. I read them. Sometimes I fall asleep curled up with them (though this isn’t particularly good for the book and sadly I’ve had to replace a few favorites along the way). I was an English major and I love fiction of all types; however, my favorites are SciFi, Fantasy, Mysteries and Romance. I do not accept fan fiction, zombie or vampire stories.

Following is my explanation of the star system used here:

5 stars means the book has been added to the shelf of books I am willing to re-read on occasion as the mood strikes me.

4 stars is a really good story that I may read again at some point.

3 stars means I enjoyed it, but it doesn’t have a lot of re-play value as one might say about a video game or something. I enjoyed it and might read the next one, but probably won’t re-read the first one again. If it is a paperback, it has been added to the list.

2 stars means there was just enough promise and that I liked enough elements of the story to see what was trying to be achieved to give it the benefit of the doubt on some points. Once again, if a paperback to the swap pile.

1 star means I had a hard time finishing it. Generally if I’m provided with books that are 1’s I just email the author and tell them I’m not going to review it. If a paperback, to the donate box. No need to clutter up my swap list.

If you’d like me to review your book, please let me know and I’ll be happy to consider it if it catches my interest. I’m currently working on my third book, and rewriting/editing my second, but it’s nice to read the works of others when I tire of myself.

I rate books on this star system, 1 being the worst and 5 being the best (NOTE: All opinions are my own and they are just that, my opinions. Feel free to read the books yourself to see what you think.).

If you’d like to contact me to get your book reviewed, feel free to email me at or leave me a post here and I’ll get back with you.

I support indie publishing.

25 comments on “Contact and Rating System

    • Hi. I looked at the preview on Amazon. If you want to send a copy to I’ll read it. I’m actually further ahead in the reading than the posting at this point and have half a dozen reviews drafted to post and several more still to write, but am holding back a little so there isn’t a deluge of posts in too short a period of time from where I was getting caught up. In other words, it may be a while before you see a review posted as I work through posting the backlog.

  1. My name is Frances White of WestEndGirl Agency the literary agent for J. Leigh author of the WayWalkers Series.
    J. Leigh wrote her first novel at the tender age of eleven, delving deep into the extensive fantasy world she entitled Way Walkers. Since then, she has never really left, though occasionally does emerge to enjoy the company of friends, family, horror movies and the ever-popular sushi dinner.

    She currently lives in southern New Jersey with a chow-chow, several cats and fictional cast of hundreds.

    J. Leigh’s published works include a ‘choose your own’ type interactive novel Way Walkers: University with Choice of Games.
    Since its release in April, WayWalkers has been in the top 100 in Amazon’s Kindle Store.WayWalkers targeted audience is Adult and is available in electronic format.

    Publication Date: April 7, 2014 Twelve Ways create a thousand tangled paths.

    Hatched from an egg but unable to shift into dragon form, Jathen is a Moot among the Tazu. His rightful throne is forbidden him because of his transformative handicap, and neither his culture nor his religion offer acceptance of his perceived flaws.

    Driven by wounded anger, Jathen strikes out across the vast world beyond Tazu borders, desperate to find a place where he feels accepted and whole. Though he travels with the most trusted of companions, sabotage and conspiracy soon strike his quest. Jathen and his allies must struggle against man and magic alike, at the mercy of forces beyond their ken.

    As Jathen presses on, his questions of belonging are surrounded by more of identity, loyalty, and betrayal. Where will the path of his destiny lead, and will he follow or fall?

    If this tale of humans, dragons,other-worldly creatures and mysterious technology that offers surprises, thrills and warmth intrigues you. Then consider Way Walkers for your review.

    We are also looking for bloggers to joining our blog tour. Blog tour Link Sign-up- If you would like to just be a reviewer please let me know.

    Publishers Website:

    Frances White

    Website:soon to come

    • I’ll take a look at the preview on Amazon. I’ll ignore the display since you said it’s being fixed, but it should give me a good idea. I’m doing NaNoWriMo this month so everything else is kind of on hold this month, but I’ll let you know.

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